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Frequently Asked Questions


Are tailgating parties for members only?

No way!  While we do have "founding members," the vast majority of supporters at RBT gatherings are not actually members. Our tailgating parties are open to anyone and everyone interested in the Texans.  You don't even have to have tickets to the game. 

There's no such thing as "crashing" an RBT party!  New visitors are encouraged to stop in and share in all the camaraderie, food and drink. In fact, that's one of the main purposes of our website.

All the RBTs ask is that folks conduct themselves in a friendly, family-like manner in the spirit of our motto:

"Family, Friends, Football, Food & Fun!"


Who pays for the tailgating events?

Members, mostly.  It's obvious that it costs big bucks to put on the kind of party the RBTs do.  Even with the great sponsors we have,  there are still large out-of-pocket costs involved. Consequently, cash donations are encouraged (but not required).  You'll see a few "kitties" around for this purpose, especially at the beverage bar. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated!

More specific details about our events can be found in the article from Entertainment Magazine, 2004 found here.  But bear in mind that our parties have grown even more since that interview! 
(Note:  If it's too small to read, you should be able to click the image a second time for an even larger view. You may need to click on the lower right of the image and click the "X" box.  Or, if you have a wheel mouse, hold down the CTRL key and then use the scroll wheel to change the size as much as you want to.)

Do you need volunteers to help with the events?

Absolutely!  You can just imagine what a chore it is to set up and pack up all the gear that we bring -- not to mention the after-party cleanup! (For a quick glimpse, click here.)  Volunteering of any kind is immensely appreciated, including food & beverage serving!  Heck, in return we might even cater your next wedding!  (Yeah, right.)