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  " The Raging Bull Tailgaters, all Jersey Village High School alums, won Week 1 of the Houston Texans H-E-B seasonlong tailgating contest.

They sort of cheated, you know, putting plates of Pepper Wrapped Jalapeño Garlic Shrimp and Garlic-Soaked Chicken Wings in front of the judges.

We judges are such suckers for garlic.

Ken Hoffman, writing for The
Houston Chronicle,
Sept. 20, 2004


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"In the world of tailgating, there are tailgaters, and there are tailgaters. The Raging Bulls, a tailgating club for the Houston Texans, are the thoroughbreds of tailgating. With a party that spans 30 parking spots and a “come one, come all? attitude to their parties, their motto of "Family, Friends, Football, Food & Fun" comes true every game..."


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Click the image to hear a radio interview, aired before the pre-season game with the Denver Broncos on
Saturday evening, 8-13-05.

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link to read the article. Click on a picture for an enlarged view. 

 The Houston Chronicle, Jan. 2005


Entertainment Magazine, Nov. 2004

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The Houston Chronicle, Oct. 2004



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